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What being an "Empowered Vegan" Means

The Empowered Vegan teaches people the skills they need to be confident in the kitchen and how to cook plant based meals they love. Cooking delicious food is your birthright. Stop waiting, it’s easier than you think.

Who is the Empowered Vegan?

“I want to show people how easy, fun and delicious cooking vegan food can be. Whether you want to go vegan, vegetarian or you just want to learn how prepare some amazing plant based dishes with your friends, I’ve got your back.”
Jack Middleton, The Empowered Vegan

Vegan Red Seal Chef and Plant Based Educator

My most popular services:

I offer a number of services to fit your needs. I do anything from 1 time lessons for individuals and groups to full 6 week programs. If you don’t see something that suits your needs send me an email and we can create something that does.

Empowered Vegan 101



This 6 week course is the ultimate way to transition into a more plant based lifestyle. You’ll learn how to cook delicious food easily and how to actually have a good time while doing it. I’ll show you all the ropes including: knife skills, how to read a recipe, how to COOK and PREP your food like a pro, how to use vegan ingredients and how to season your food so it tastes amazing EVERY time. Oh and the best part is we do it all at your place. This course is perfect for comfortable cooks who want to take their plant based cooking skills to the next level as well as those who have trouble boiling water.

Vegan for the Night



What do you do on your Friday nights? Maybe you get together with your friends, invite a handsome chef over, crack a bottle of wine and learn how to make some amazing plant based recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Yeah, that’s what i thought you like to do. That’s why I offer this service.

Suitable for all levels of experience.

Pantry Makeover



Has your pantry not been organized or updated since before the 21st century (or at least feel that way)? Do you want to create a solid foundation in your kitchen so every time you look at a recipe you’re not running out to get every ingredient on the list? Do you want to create a plant based pantry to be envious of? If any of these strike a chord with you I’ve got your back. I’ll come into your space and we’ll do a full pantry cleansing, I’ll give you a list and send you to the grocery store to start your beautiful new life.

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Here is what an Empowered Vegan 101 graduate had to say about his experience:

Email: info@theempoweredvegan.com

Phone Number: 905-516-7116

Hamilton, Ontario

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