The Empowered Vegan Philosophy


My bottom line is that people need to do what feels right for them and their body no matter what dietary shape that takes. Do I think that most people would lead happier, healthier lives eating plant based? Yeah I do, and that’s because that has been my personal experience but I understand that is not a reality for everyone. Do I expect people around me to adopt the same outlook and lifestyle that I have? No, of course not. That being said I want people to be aware of the impact their dietary choices have on their health as well as the world around them so that they can make informed decisions that align with their values. At the end of the day I’m all about empowerment. Whether you want to go fully plant based or you’re thinking about trying out “Meatless Mondays” I want to do everything I can to make that change easy and delicious.

Who am I?

I am Jack Middleton, a vegan chef who lives in Hamilton, Ontario. I love food. Like, I really love food. So much so that I have given most of my working life to it. I worked in the food industry for 8 years, went to chef school and became a Red Seal chef. The whole nine yards.

I started The Empowered Vegan to teach people how to step into a plant based lifestyle with that same ease and abundance. It’s now my mission to show people that veganism is not a sacrifice, it’s a liberation.

Why Veganism?

I used to think that being vegan meant you had to give up your love of food and sacrifice all the good stuff. That’s why I never thought I would go vegan. It wasn’t until I was overworked, overweight and suffering from chronic back pain and digestive issues that I decided to take the vegan plunge for my health. I went vegan overnight, I lost 40lbs, my digestive issues disappeared and I felt a vitality that I hadn’t had since childhood. The best part is that my transition was EASY. For the past 2 years I’ve been exploring the vegan food scene, veganizing my favourite recipes and learning how to live a rich lifestyle full of flavour and great food.


Phone Number: 905-516-7116

Hamilton, Ontario

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