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Red Lentil Dhal Recipe

In this video I show you how to make a QUICK AND EASY DHAL RECIPE using red lentils (or masoor). This is an epic comfort food that isn’t technically an Indian gravy but still loves to be smothered all over rice. It’s protein rich and flavoured with some classic Indian spices. In this quick and …

Hearty Vegan Irish Stew

This Hearty Vegan Irish Stew is the third and final video in my 1-pot dish series! Not only is this dish easy but it may just be the quintessential cozy winter food. Eating this stew is almost like eating a bowl of warm, savoury, veg-heavy gravy. Oh and did I mention that it’s super simple. …

Protein Packed Vegan Chili

This protein packed vegan chili marks the first dish in my vegan 1-pot dish series. I promise you it wont disappoint! With almost 25g of plant based protein per serving this chili will keep you GOING! I’ve been eating most days at dinner to help meet my current protein needs while I train and it’s …

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