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Who is The Empowered Vegan 101 program good for?

Living a plant based lifestyle can seem challenging at first but you dont have to do it on your own!

A few months ago I had looked into vegan cooking classes. While there were a few at local health food stores I wanted to try something new, more one on one and intense. While Jack’s class is all the fun it’s also all the techniques, tricks and tips the top chefs know. His classes are light hearted and well structured, the print outs are easy to reference and follow. As someone who cooks for themselves already I definitely realized I still have so much to learn. I love sharing my love of veganism to people through food and I have really been able to impress the hardcore omnivores with many of Jack’s recipes, which to me feels like the real end goal! Many of his recipes have become weekly staples in my diet. I find overall Jack’s class helped me organize and prioritize my steps of cooking. Which in turn saves me time and saves my food from burning! I look forward to more classes and your cook book, many thanks and well wishes!

Mirhella C.


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