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The Empowered Vegan teaches people the skills they need to be confident in the kitchen and how to cook plant based meals they love with cooking classes – hands-on and demo style. Cooking delicious food is your birthright. Stop waiting, it’s easier than you think.

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Who is The Empowered Vegan?

Chef Jack Middleton offers cooking classes in Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, Waterloo, Cambridge, Mississauga and Barrie. Working together with Goodness Me to offer you cooking classes for all skill levels and cuisines, hands-on and demo style cooking classes.

Whether you’re looking to go vegan, you’ve been vegan for a long time or you’re just looking to incorporate more healthy plant-based meals into your repertoire, private and semi-private cooking lessons are a powerful way to elevate your lifestyle and to get you energized in your kitchen.

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“I want to show people how easy, fun and delicious cooking vegan food can be. Whether you want to go vegan, vegetarian or you just want to learn how prepare some amazing plant based dishes with your friends, I’ve got your back.”
–Chef Jack Middleton, The Empowered Vegan
Vegan Red Seal Chef and Plant Based Educator

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