Meal Delivery menus

Current menu cycle.

Here you can find our current 8-week menu rotation with descriptions and nutritional information. If you have any questions about these items, feel free to let us know

July 5th to July 9th

with mustard and dill coleslaw and house made cornbread


with roasted quinoa, fresh cilantro, lime and sour cream

with tofu feta, black olives, red onion and fresh oregano

with pickled red onion, roasted garlic chickpeas, tempeh bacon, and sunflower seed parm on brown rice


with roasted potato, capers, black olives and shallots in a lemon dijon dressing

July 12th to July 16th

with seasoned “ground beef” fresh arugula, charred red onion, pico de gallo, chipotle lime crema

with charred garlic, lemon, asparagus, grilled tofu and soba noodles

caramelized ginger and garlic stewed chickpeas, with maple carrots and onions, served on basmati rice

with shaved carrot, pickled red onion, tempeh bacon, quinoa and a buffalo ranch sauce


peppers, scallions, cilantro, pickled chilies, basmati rice, fried tofu in a spicy peanut sauce

July 19th to July 23

with tofu, grilled zucchini, broccoli, caramelized onions and cilantro on basmati rice

with lemon buttermilk alfredo, summer peas and fresh herbs

with grilled tofu, charred asparagus, ginger teriyaki sauce on lo mein noodles

with chickpeas, pickled red onions, sun-dried tomato, pepperoncinis, sunseed parm and herb vinaigrette


with black beans, quinoa, chilli roasted sweet potato, spiced taco meat, pico de gallo, and chipotle lime crema

July 26th to July 30th

mixed spring veg, peas and chillies, yellow curry, basmati rice and lime

with squash chutney and black pepper

coconut cream, stewed chickpeas, garlic, ginger on basmati rice

with pickled cucumber, sesame tofu, shredded carrots, edamame, brown rice, sriracha aioli


shredded beets and carrots, avocado, kale, roasted sweet potato, avocado with maple lemon tahini dressing

August 2nd to August 6th

with black beans, red onion and roasted peppers in a smoky mole sauce

with grilled zucchini, peppers, onions, snap peas, charred tomatoes



with cucumber, red onion, cherry tomato, olives, tofu feta with a dill tzatziki dressing

grilled tofu, tempeh bacon, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, creamy ranch dressing

August 9th to August 13th

with BBQ pulled jackfruit, arugula, corn salsa, pickled onion and shaved radish

with blistered tomatoes, sweet snap peas, scallions and Italian herbs

seitan roast beef with grainy mustard demi glaze, caramelized onions and smashed mini potatoes

with seasoned sweet potato, shredded kale, chickpeas, toasted almonds, couscous, cilantro lime vinaigrette


with arugula, radish, cucumber, carrot, dates, garlic croutons + tzatziki dressing

August 16th to August 20th

with charred pineapple, broccoli, red pepper, corn, grilled tofu

tofu ricotta with lemon zest, confit garlic, blistered spinach, fresh thyme and basil topped with creamy rose sauce

with marinated edamame, sweet corn, shredded cabbage, pickled chilies and roasted tamari mushrooms


with grapes, toasted walnuts, apples, celery, quinoa and creamy herb dressing


August 23rd to 27th

with maple baked beans, cornbread + maple mustard glaze


grilled eggplant, middle eastern spices, toasted quinoa stewed with tomatoes and caramelized onions, and fresh parsley

spanish stewed black beans, fresh cilantro and minced serrano, shaved radish and cabbage on toasted quinoa


with spinach, basil, olives, red peppers, cucumber, tofu feta, Italian vinaigrette


seitan steak with summer mix, pickled peaches, charred tomatoes, herbed feta, red wine maple vinaigrette

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Your first choice for weddings, private parties, holiday gatherings, business lunches, film sets and corporate events. Contact us today.