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Review from Valerie S.

I’ve actually never written a review for anything before- I’m not the ‘review writer’ type but I asked Jack if I could share a few things about my experience with him and what he offers that might be of benefit to others that are thinking about using his services.
I discovered Jack when I was researching weight loss coaches and vegan cooking. I had already started with a coach but spoke with Jack about possibly getting some help with my limited cooking skills.
After speaking with him for that first check-in I realized he really had his shit together about how to support others around weight loss and he was also an incredible listener and very intuitive in connecting with me around what I was looking for.
I decided to hire Jack to come and teach me about vegan cooking for 6 lessons and this is what I discovered. He is incredibly knowledgeable and talented. He accommodated, without hesitation, all my food issues! He was patient and complimentary and answered every single one of my zillion questions! I would look forward to him coming into my kitchen and sharing food with me.
The recipes Jack shared were delicious and even had my ‘sometimes meat-eating’ partner liking nutritional yeast!
It was very evident that he truly enjoys bringing plant-based cooking into people’s lives and has found his calling.
I would highly recommend hiring Jack to those who may be looking to increase their knowledge and skills in plant-based cooking. He is truly a pleasure to work with. I will definitely call him for more lessons and will bring him in to share with my friends!
Jack, I wish you only the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have shared!

Review from Carolyn R.

Just finished my 6 week program with Jack and it has opened the door to a new way of eating for me. Having Jack come to your house is like having a vegan personal trainer. He personalizes your program to fit your tastes and lifestyle, gives you the groundwork for stocking and organizing your kitchen in the most efficient way possible, gives you homework to do in between lessons and was totally inspiring during the course of the lessons, while gently giving respectful suggestions and corrections And sometimes we just laughed our heads off! It was fun!
Yeah you can follow a recipe, but it is the little things that determine whether what you make is a success. Are the nuts ground long enough, when do you add certain spices, how hot does the oil have to be, how to cut up vegetables efficiently and safely, which dish to cook first, etc etc. We made condiments to go with the dishes that can be overlapped and make the food even more delicious. As someone who has always wanted to expand my pathetically limited cooking repertoire with more plant based cooking, I not only cooked a lot of amazing dishes, but am really eager to continue with the ever expanding recipes that are now available to me on Jack’s website. For me, recipes alone were just too daunting and the classes are not just about them. Just as having access to machines and routines at a gym are not the same as having a personal trainer. I felt inspired and motivated to cook during and after my lessons with Jack, and he was always accessible with questions or concerns I had in between.
That being said, yes I spend more time cooking, yes I have to organize and prep more, but after eating the food that I have cooked myself for 6 weeks, I have lost weight, I sleep better, and my kitchen has transformed so that I now have all the basics that I need to cook a wide variety of plant based dishes. And I enjoy it! Like with a personal trainer, you get out of it what you put into it. I went to a follow up appointment with my naturopath and tests showed my cells more hydrated and energized and I have lost fat from around my organs. That is inspiring in itself. It was so worth it and I am honestly sad it is over, but I feel like I got a big boost for making an amazing, positive change in my life. Plus he is just such a nice cool guy!

Review from Mirhella C.

A few months ago I had looked into vegan cooking classes. While there were a few at local health food stores I wanted to try something new, more one on one and intense. While Jack’s class is all the fun it’s also all the techniques, tricks and tips the top chefs know. His classes are light-hearted and well structured, the print outs are easy to reference and follow. As someone who cooks for themselves already I definitely realized I still have so much to learn. I love sharing my love of veganism to people through food and I have really been able to impress the hardcore omnivores with many of Jack’s recipes, which to me feels like the real end goal! Many of his recipes have become weekly staples in my diet. I find overall Jack’s class helped me organize and prioritize my steps of cooking. Which in turn saves me time and saves my food from burning! I look forward to more classes and your cook book, many thanks and well wishes!

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