One-Time Family Trays

Receive a one-time family tray order without committing to a subscription.

  • Includes your selection of 1 meal tray from our weekly menu, which means you pay only $60 per tray.
  • Ordering opens Monday and will need to be in by Friday at 5:00pm to be delivered the following Monday.
  • Your meals will be delivered on Monday between 10:00am-5:00pm to feed you throughout the week. On weeks with a holiday Monday, meals will be delivered on Tuesday.
  • Depending on how much you order, delivery could be free! For delivery and pick-up information, including delivery fees, please visit our Delivery section.
  • One family tray is about 5-6 portions.
  • BBQ Seitan Ribs - Family Tray

    with mustard and dill coleslaw + house made cornbread

    $60.00 each
  • Roasted Quinoa Stuffed Poblanos (GF) - Family Tray

    with fresh cilantro, lime and sour cream

    $60.00 each
  • Greek Herb Pasta Salad (GFO) - Family Tray

    with tofu feta, black olives, red onion and fresh oregano

    $60.00 each
  • Caesar Salad Bowl (GF) - Family Tray

    with pickled red onion, garlic chickpea croutons, tempeh bacon, sunflower seed parmesan on brown rice

    $60.00 each
  • Fennel & Green Bean Salad Bowl (GF) - Family Tray

    $60.00 each


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